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Do you feel concerned about the emotional postpartum journey?

Are you curious about how it could be easier?

Are you overwhelmed by all the opinions on feeding your baby?

I believe YOU are the expert on your baby, what works for one may not work for others, and there are a million ways to parent well. My role is to share a variety of options and guide you to find your own unique answers as you take the seat of the parent.

  • What feels right to you?

  • What are you called to do?

  • What has worked well for you in similar situations?

Studies show that people with support during the postpartum period tend to have less postpartum depression and breastfeed longer.


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Postpartum Doula: Services


”Hiring Sarah has been the best decision we made for my mental, physical, and emotional health in the postpartum period. In the very early days, she helped me master breastfeeding when I was struggling, helped me learn tons of little things about newborn care, and especially helped us figure out good sleep practices. I loved being able to confidently leave our newborn with her while I napped. And our son loves being with her! Whether its teaching me newborn care, guiding me through postpartum healing, or helping me with household tasks, Sarah has made a huge difference for us and I highly recommend hiring her.”

Rebecca Goldfarb

“Sarah has extensive knowledge about caring for an infant including baby bathing, breastfeeding, pumping, tummy time, baby carriers, setting up toys and play areas, physical milestones, and baby led weaning. She loved to sing and read to my baby, and has instilled his love of reading books! I am very grateful that she was also able to support my baby and me through our unique challenges which included skin rashes, food intolerances, finding an allergist, and sleep training. She taught me about infant sleep cycles, sleepy cues, how to soothe a fussy baby, and also how to introduce my baby into the crib!”


Postpartum Doula: Testimonials
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