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Do you wish to be prepared for whatever birth brings?

Are you ready for the underworld journey that is labor + birth?

Would you like to learn how to advocate for yourself?

Do you long to have a positive birth experience?

No one - not me, you, your OBGYN, midwife, partner, sister, neighbor, or the random person spewing advice at the grocery story - can guarantee the path or outcome of your labor and birth. As your doula, what I aim to instill is a sense of confidence, safety, resilience, connection, respect, and intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional preparation for the journey through labor + birth. 

Studies show having a support person during labor + birth can contribute to many benefits such as:

  • Less likely to have an epidural, need instrumental delivery, or result in an unplanned cesarean birth

  • Increased birth satisfaction

  • Shorter labors

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I have worked with Sarah at a few births and I can attest that she is amazing. She is so kind, caring and compassionate. Sarah has a big heart and it shows in her work. Sometimes those of us who have given birth wonder how someone who hasn't given birth can support us, and Sarah showed me how. She showed me that she doesn't have to be able to relate to my pain but empathize and help me work through it. Pain is pain, and well... Labor brings on pain. Sarah is amazing at adjusting to the environment and remaining calm during an emergency. One birth we unfortunately had a shoulder dystocia and Sarah was right where she needed to be and helped where needed. She provides amazing postpartum support following the birth and genuinely enjoys being around babies and children.

Jaimie Walker, Doula

Labor + Birth Doula: Testimonials
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